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We are Building Global Data Connectivity

Focus on analytics & leave the data engineering to us

Trading analytics is overly complex. Underlying trading data is difficult to process and is dispersed across liquidity providers, trading platforms & ECNs. We have built a secure API platform to simplify things.

Tradefeedr maintains normalized data connections to all your providers. Our APIs deliver unified, analysis ready, enriched trading & market data so you can focus on what matters - data driven decision making.

Tradefeedr Connectivity

For Traders

Powerful pre-built analytics. Choose from community inspired templates or build your own.

For Developers

Full access to underlying data. Build custom complex analysis using simplified API calls.

For Collaboration

User permissioned data pooling and sharing. Work with your peers and liquidity providers to make better use of data assets.

A Library of Pre-built Analytics

Analytics 1
Analytics 2
Analytics 3
Analytics 4
Analytics 5
Analytics 6

Access all of your Data

For developers - low code

Take advantage of a consistent data model. Focus on your business, not on data engineering  – all underlying trading data has been normalized to be comparable across providers.
Workspace. Integrated Python development environment. Powerful APIs to run complex data analysis in one API call.
Build on existing templates. Use standard building blocks to build analytics pipelines that suit your business needs easily.
Open. Connect directly to APIs and extract raw transactional tick data and calculated statistics to use in your own internal applications.

Collaboration Done Better

Market Curves Collaboration
Spread P&L

Connect, Analyse & Collaborate

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