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By connecting the world’s leading financial institutions to a common data layer, we aim to make markets more efficient, improve communication & simplify workflows.
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What our clients say

Transparency builds trust
Nick Robinson
Nick Robinson
Head of Trading
Insight Investment
"Insight Investment is committed to delivering a best in breed FX offering and initiatives that support the principles of the FX Global Code. Tradefeedr promotes greater transparency and understanding of liquidity provision and market microstructure in FX, improving understanding of execution for all market participants. This is something Insight Investment is keen to actively encourage at every opportunity."
Lindsay Chock
Stephane Liot
COO Trading
Brevan Howard
"The Tradefeedr team have effectively applied their wealth of practitioner experience and deep market understanding to deliver analytical tools which will help further evolve FX markets with accessible, actionable data. This new level of shared transparency will foster efficiency gains with better outcomes for investors.”
Jeremy Smart
Jeremy Smart
Global Head of Distribution
XTX Markets
"Tradefeedr will enable liquidity providers and clients to analyse and have conversations about data together on a shared platform. For many buy-side firms, this is the first time they've had access to such sophisticated, independent analytics and been able to evaluate all their liquidity providers – for risk-transfers and algorithms – in one place. More transparency and more informed clients will result in a fairer market for all."
Lindsay Chock
Lindsay Chock
Global Head of ETD Electronic & FX Algo Execution, UBS
"As the market continues to increase its adoption of algorithmic tools, we see a similar growing demand for independent, third party trade cost analytic tools like Tradefeedr to measure the performance of these algos in a simple and standardized methodology. We look forward to engaging with our clients through an analytical lens as we further optimize our algorithmic solutions”
Conor Daly
Conor Daly
EMEA Head of eFX Sales
Goldman Sachs
"Goldman Sachs is very supportive of Tradefeedr's efforts to empower the buy-side with technology to help them deliver on their best execution requirements"
Eugene Markman
John Quayle
Head of Client Algo Execution
Natwest Markets
"There is clearly a continually growing need for independent benchmarking of FX executions. NatWest Markets strongly supports Tradefeedrs efforts in this direction, and we firmly believe that the level of transparency that Tradefeedr is bringing will benefit to both buy-side and sell-side market participants"
Eugene Markman
Eric Brown
T.Rowe Price
"Tradefeedr has provided us will tools to further data driven conversations with our counterparties. Their offering continues to evolve and we are excited about the potential their data and analysis has in helping us shape the future of our decision making process on the trading desk. Ultimately we hope to integrate their data and metrics as close to the point of execution as possible."
Phil Morris
Brendan McMurtray
FX Electronic Trading
T.Rowe Price
"Tradefeedr's innovative approach in connecting the buy-side and sell-side through a common data layer not only leads to improved data quality but also fosters trust between partners, enhancing conversations around execution quality and liquidity management. Their open-sourced, API-driven architecture offers our firm considerable flexibility and customizability to optimize trading decisions. We’ve recently started working on a project to augment our choice of algorithmic strategy, and Tradefeedr is proving to be a valuable resource. Moving forward, Tradefeedr will be a key partner in our ongoing pursuit of innovation in trading."
Phil Morris
Ellie Griffiths
Global Head of eFX Sales  
TD Securities
"Tradefeedr allows us to conduct TCA and standardise our client reporting using trusted independent analytics. In addition, we are now able to deepen relationships with clients by identifying growth opportunities, using data to increase engagement."
Richard Elston
Richard Elston
Head of Institutional
CMC Markets
"By using Tradefeedr’s technology, not only are we able to improve the liquidity that’s on offer to our clients, but it also allows us to strengthen our relationships with the liquidity providers themselves.  This allows us to facilitate the best levels of service with all our counterparties, something which sits very much at the core of the CMC Markets ethos."
Andy Mahoney
Andy Mahoney
Managing Director, EMEA FlexTrade
"A significant operational burden buy-side trading teams face is producing accurate, normalized FX data on which to base trading decisions. By integrating Tradefeedr directly into our EMS order blotter, analysis-ready data and analytics are available at their fingertips, delivering actionable intelligence when FX traders need it the most."
Adam Blemings
Adam Blemings
Head of Trading
IG Markets
"Tradefeedr have provided the analytical tools and techniques to enhance our capability in evaluating our liquidity partners and enabled the sharing of independent results on an accessible platform. Greater transparency and enhanced understanding of the FX market microstructure will only lead to fairer outcomes and better market practises."
Adam Blemings
Nick Nellis
Senior Trader
"Tradefeedr has given us additional ways to better understand execution quality and market impact, in addition to the tools we already use. This is particularly relevant when working with our counterparties, as the ability to have access to detailed data and analysis together allows us to have open and honest discussions about the impact of our trading and understand their particular strengths and weaknesses. This helps us to deliver best execution for our clients and minimise market impact."
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