Modern Workflows for
Trading Analytics

Connect to 16 of the largest FX liquidity providers, ECNs & trading platforms over a single Data API. Query your trading data, analyse & collaborate without friction.

We are Building Global Data Connectivity

Focus on analytics & leave the data engineering to us
Trading analytics is overly complex. Underlying trading data is difficult to process and is dispersed across liquidity providers, trading platforms & ECNs. We have built a secure API platform to simplify things.
Tradefeedr maintains normalized data connections to all your providers. Our APIs deliver unified, analysis ready, enriched trading & market data so you can focus on what matters - data driven decision making.
For Traders
Powerful pre-built analytics. Choose from community inspired templates or build your own.
For Developers
Full access to underlying data. Build custom complex analysis using simplified API calls.
For Collaboration
User permissioned data pooling and sharing. Work with your peers and liquidity providers to make better use of data assets.

A Library of Pre-built Analytics

For Traders - no IT required

Easy start. Select from a library of pre-existing analytics templates covering everything from transaction cost analysis, custom best execution policies and liquidity management.

Customise your Analysis. Build your own dashboards using components.

Reports. Automated email reporting and alerts.

Access all of your Data

For developers - low code

Take advantage of a consistent data model. Focus on your business, not on data engineering  – all underlying trading data has been normalized to be comparable across providers.

Workspace. Integrated Python development environment. Powerful APIs to run complex data analysis in one API call.

Build on existing templates. Use standard building blocks to build analytics pipelines that suit your business needs easily.

Open. Connect directly to APIs and extract raw transactional tick data and calculated statistics to use in your own internal applications.

Collaboration Done Better

Engage with your Liquidity Providers
It takes two parties to do a trade. Hence, it takes two parties to optimize a trading relationship. Data driven collaboration is an essential skill for today’s markets and it is only possible when data is readily available. We built Tradefeedr to make trading & market data available to all market participants to enable them to engage in data driven dialogue.

Broker reviews based on common and independent data. Disagree on conclusions but not on the data itself. Do not waste time “reconciling” each other's “proprietary” calculations.

Optimize the way your LP is handling your flows through bilaterally permissioned sharing of anonymised and aggregate performance measures.

Collaborate privately with your liquidity provider using interactive dashboards and notebooks. Share performance measures and drive better decisions with improved data dialogue.
Work with your Peers
Peer benchmarks. Your own trading information is not enough to understand whether you do well or if there is room for improvement. Use Tradefeedr to engage with your peers and build your own trading benchmarks through permissioned data pooling.

Knowledge base. Share code and analytics templates with the Tradefeedr community to build faster and develop new ideas, together.

Connect, Analyse & Collaborate

What our clients say
“Goldman Sachs is very supportive of Tradefeedr's efforts to empower the buy-side with technology to help them deliver on their best execution requirements”
Conor Daly - EMEA Head of eFX Sales
Goldman Sachs
"Insight Investment is committed to delivering a best in breed FX offering and initiatives that support the principles of the FX Global Code. Tradefeedr promotes greater transparency and understanding of liquidity provision and market microstructure in FX, improving understanding of execution for all market participants. This is something Insight Investment is keen to actively encourage at every opportunity."
Nick Robinson - Head of Trading
Insight Investment Management
"Tradefeedr will enable liquidity providers and clients to analyse and have conversations about data together on a shared platform. For many buy-side firms, this is the first time they've had access to such sophisticated, independent analytics and been able to evaluate all their liquidity providers – for risk-transfers and algorithms – in one place. More transparency and more informed clients will result in a fairer market for all."
Jeremy Smart - Global Head of Distribution
XTX Markets
"We see a growing number of market participants looking for independent, third party evaluation of our algos. We welcome this transparency which allows clients to make informed choices in their selection of an algo provider."
Christian Gressel - Global Head of Electronic Sales Trading
"By using Tradefeedr’s technology, not only are we able to improve the liquidity that’s on offer to our clients, but it also allows us to strengthen our relationships with the liquidity providers themselves.  This allows us to facilitate the best levels of service with all our counterparties, something which sits very much at the core of the CMC Markets ethos.”
Richard Elston - Head of Institutional
CMC Markets
"Tradefeedr have provided the analytical tools and techniques to enhance our capability in evaluating our liquidity partners and enabled the sharing of independent results on an accessible platform. Greater transparency and enhanced understanding of the FX market microstructure will only lead to fairer outcomes and better market practises."
Adam Blemings - Head of Trading
IG Markets
"As an agency house and therefore a custodian of direct liquidity, Tradefeedr has quickly become an important facet of our ecosystem, in facilitating a level playing field of execution transparency across both buy and sell-side market participants. This allows us to carry out effective analysis and kaizen using shared parameters and benchmarks with the same data sets, and actively promotes a more collaborative and consultative approach to the liquidity management process, allowing us to obtain the best results for both our customers and liquidity providers."
Ramy Soliman - Chief Strategy Officer Global Markets