Your Journey to Data-Driven Decision Making

How Tradefeedr can help unlock the maximum value from your data.


Data Integration

Ingest, cleanse, integrate and store massive amounts of structured data from different systems into single queryable set.


Data Exploration

High performance computing infrastructure for inspecting, intersecting and querying massive data sets. Data visualisation tools and API for extracting results of analysis into Jupyter Notebooks for further analysis.


Machine Learning

Powerful analytical tools for data driven decision making. Collaborative client centric approach to problem solving. Transparent models, pre-built frameworks and feature engineering to solve complex problems.

Platform Architecture

Managing vast quantities of data is difficult. Data preparation is a critical first step before anything interesting can be learnt. Tradefeedr provides a purpose built platform for supercharging data science projects within Financial Markets.


At Tradefeedr we have put together a technology stack designed to cope with massive amounts of data, demanding analytical computations, speed, scalability and robust security.

Built to Deliver

Tradefeedr is built using KX technology, the world's fastest time series database, optimised for ingesting, analysing and storing massive amounts of structured data.

We have added the R language and environment for statistical computing and graphics capabilities.

The service is hosted on Azure for scale and security.

Tradefeedr can be accessed via a simple RESTful API providing maximum integration capabilities.

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Deployment Options

Deploy the Tradefeedr platform where it adds the most value for your organisation.

Managed Cloud

Access Tradefeedr via our secure managed cloud infrastructure. Upload data via secure FTP and/or APIs provided by Tradefeedr. All client data is segregated and access controlled.


Install the Tradefeedr platform in your physical data centre and integrate to your internal systems.